LETTER – Save Grange Lido
July 27, 2018
LETTER – Kelly Walsh
July 27, 2018


Dear Editor,
Following the recent spell of very hot weather countless visitors and locals have asked about our swimming pool as they wanted to go for a swim and sunbathe on the terraces. It’s such a shame that it has been allowed to go the way it has.
Many local people would like to see its return to its former glory, as a child I learned to swim there.

Hopefully Grange Town Council will take note as very soon we will have nothing but tearooms, upteen of, and no visitor attraction at all, so come on Grange council and SLDC let’s get our pool back and give the visitors and locals alike something they want. If other small seasides towns can do it why can’t Grange?
T.I.C White, Grange