Letter – Cate Davies, Field Broughton
July 27, 2018
LETTER – Save Grange Lido
July 27, 2018

LETTER Phillip.A.Carter, Preston

Dear Editor,  

I was interested to read about possible future plans for the development of the Grange Lido in the most recent edition of ‘Grange Now’.


It is hard to believe that 25 years have passed and nothing has been done to bring this facility back to life. That is amazing given that the swimming baths were such a prized and valued facility in Grange. One can only think about a whole generation of children who must have missed out on the joy and freedom of swimming in an open air swimming baths. At a time when we are encouraged to look after our health and not put too great a strain on the NHS should we lapse into obesity and suffer complications to health associated with lack of exercise it is almost ‘beyond belief’ that local swimming facilities should be denied so many people of all ages in this part of Cumbria.


There is no doubt that Grange swimming baths could be a great success. The facility could be used during the winter by boarding over the swimming area. This would double as a dance floor. Local bands could play and I believe Grange would soon become known as the place for music and dancing in the winter months.


Both swimming and dancing are both excellent physical activities. They make a particularly important contribution to the general health of the citizens of the U.K.


Let’s hope that, at last, common sense will prevail and Grange Lido will be brought back to its former glory or ….heaven forbid… will another 25 years pass and the site simply be allowed to decay into dust?


Yours faithfully,


Phillip.A.Carter, Preston