July 27, 2018

LETTER – Kelly Walsh

Dear Editor

I was very disappointed to see the article prepared my Mr Morrell referencing the open air pool, in last months issue of Grange Now. I am astonished that a group of 4 have set up a so called community interest company without seeming to have the interest and will of the community at its core. A group of 4 is not representative, especially when one of the members is the leader of SLDC who have shown no interest in the pool since it was sadly closed.

I think it is misleading to say there is little interest in the lido being utilised as a swimming pool and to then reference a survey which did not even give as an option the use of the lido as a swimming pool; prior to this, a survey in 2013 showed an astonishing 74% of those canvassed would like the pool to be re opened for swimming.

Everyone I have spoken to wants a pool to be reinstated on that site. Not one person has indicated otherwise. No one denies that using the site as a pool only would be difficult, however there are plenty of business ideas which would compliment and work alongside an open air swimming pool. I know that on the ‘Save Grange Lido’ Facebook page there are some wonderful suggestions and drawings depicting what the pool could look like, and how it could work, there are many people offering input from other successful lidos around the country to help save our lovely pool.

We are very lucky to have a real art deco gem right on our doorstep, let’s not lose it. I would urge all residents to make your voices heard, our pool in unique in its design and concept I for one am not prepared to have a small CIC speak on my behalf and misrepresent what people in Grange and surrounding areas wants. I sincerely hope that one day my children will be swimming in the open air pool. I learnt to swim in there as did my Dad and Grandad before me, please, lets not be swayed by a survey that didn’t even give swimming as an option. To fill our pool in would be a travesty.

Kind regards, Kelly Walsh