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February 28, 2017
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February 28, 2017

Flood grants coming to an end

On 31st March, South lakeland District Council’s (SLDC) flood grant scheme is ending. If any reader thinks they are eligible for a grant, please contact SLDC as soon as possible. The flood team will accept applications right up to the last day and they will be dealt with so long as they have been registered by March 31st. Similarly, if you know anyone who you think might be eligible, please encourage them to make contact with SLDC. The contacts are: 015397 93464 or floodgrant@southlakeland.gov.uk

Over 900 applications have been made under this scheme and grants totalling £1.9 million have been made. Typical works carried out have been: fitting air-brick covers, non-return valves to prevent sewage backing up and flood gates on exterior doors.

This is your last chance. Please make contact yourself or encourage others to do so, if you feel that work could still be done under this scheme.

Eric Morrell (Lib-Dem councillor, Grange North)