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October 24, 2016
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February 28, 2017

Another successful year for Boxes of Hope

Boxes of Hope, Cumbria, the local shoebox charity had another great year with their Shoebox Appeal. 11,040 beautifully wrapped shoeboxes, filled with gifts, arrived in Romania and were distributed in early December by a team of 7 volunteers.

The team travelled to Transylvania to distribute half of the boxes. This is where the new Vegetable Garden Plot campaign is underway. The other half were given out by the partner charity, People 2 People in and around Oradea.

The volunteers who visited Romania to give out the boxes travelled by horse and cart in some areas, to give out shoeboxes to the most deprived children in freezing temperatures.

The Trustees send their very sincere thanks to everyone who has been concerned with this year’s campaign, whatever part you have played. You may have filled one box or more, inspired others, knitted, sewn, collected, checked, packed, loaded etc. We know we have an army of volunteers throughout the county (indeed the whole country), who have been beavering away all whole year round. This is a massive project, and the shoeboxes are full of generous and warm-hearted spirit from our communities.

Your boxes, filled with such care and compassion, will bring a little light to children living in abject poverty. And that is by no means the end of the story. As we take them round with Nicu Gal, our charity partner, we are all assessing and identifying other ways in which we can give practical help to these people who are so disadvantaged. Each team takes funds to respond to any urgent need, usually food parcels which we buy over there. And in the longer term, any surplus funding from the shoebox campaign and the many other fundraising efforts which take place throughout the year, goes directly to help with educational projects.

For more details and to keep updated, please see the website and see the Facebook page.