Click to view/download/print Deadlines and release dates 2018 for Kendal and Windermere Now, Ulverston Now and Grange Now
The deadlines and release dates for KWN are:
KWN32 – 30th March – release 23rd April
KWN33 – 11th May – release 4th June
KWN34 – 22nd June – release 16th July
KWN35 – 7th September – release 1st October
KWN36 – 2nd November – release 26th November
The deadlines and release dates for UN are:
UN20 23rd March – release 16th April
UN21 27th April – release 21st May
UN22 8th June – release 2nd July
UN23 20th July – release 13th August
UN24 31st August – release 24th September
UN25 5th October – release 29th October
UN26 9th November – release 3rd December
The deadlines and release dates for GN are:
GN320 16th March – release 29th March
GN321  20th April – release 3rd May
GN322 18th May – release 31st May
GN323 15th June – release 28th June
GN324 20th July – release 2nd August
GN325 17th August – release 30th August
GN326 14th September – release 27th September
GN327 19th October – release 1st November
GN328 16th November – release 29th November
GN329 14th december – release 28th December